Mikandi Instructions

1. Tap on the Mikandi button

mikandi button

2. Tap on "Download App" to download the Mikandi Appstore.

mikandi button

3. Tap on "OK" to allow the download.

mikandi website

4. After installing Mikandi, register an account and search for "Cumdroid" and select the premium.

mikandi App

5. Tap on "Buy app for 400 Gold" (400 Gold = $4.95).

mikandi App 2

6. Tap on "Accept and buy - 400 Gold".

mikandi App 3

7. Tap on "400 Mikandi Gold".

mikandi App 4

8. Fill in your Credit Card details and complete the purchase, then return and buy Cumdroid premium.

mikandi App 5

Need help? Contact: contact@cumdroid.com

Customer service available in: English, Español, Deutsch & 日本語